One world – animals, humans and the environment

The relationship between animals, humans and the environment may appear obvious; yet it is frequently forgotten when tackling some of the key issues facing
society. Thankfully in recent years there has been an increasing recognition
of the links between animal and human welfare, and the environment.

In the last decade or so, experts have evidenced the connection between animal abuse and domestic violence; animal welfare and human health, in relation to better animal care helping to prevent the development of diseases that can be passed to humans; and the impact of certain farming practices upon the environment and animal welfare.  In essence they are all interrelated.

It is therefore clear that consideration should be given when dealing with these areas to the development of a more holistic approach. If long-term, practical solutions are going to be developed that have a real and lasting impact, those involved will need to take a 360 degree view of the problem they are trying to solve and the interlinking factors.

To really address some of the key issues facing society, a clear understanding of what is causing these problems must be obtained; sounds like common sense doesn’t it. If you have a leak, then you need to find out where the hole in the pipe is. Yet some would approach this quandary by turning the water supply off, thus presenting an even greater problem – no water!

The purpose behind setting Progressive Ideas is to help people deal with these challenges and questions; to examine what the real causes are and how they can be addressed in a way that really makes a difference to the area they care about, whether that be animal welfare, human welfare or the environment or of course all three.