Horse welfare – a challenge

The horse fulfils many roles from companion to competition animal, from working horse to food. With a population of around 6 million or more horses in Europe*, the challenges of safeguarding their welfare are varied and demanding.

It has frequently been said that you never stop learning about horses, and this should be the objective of anyone directly involved in their care. Sadly it is not always the case, with welfare organisations reporting that the most common reason for neglect and suffering is a lack of knowledge and understanding from owners or carers. Fortunately there are not many cases of wanton abuse and cruelty, but where there are, a solution needs to be found.

When the words abuse or neglect are used, people frequently think of emaciated horses, covered in lice and sores, with overgrown hooves. These are clearly problems that need to be addressed, but so is the excessively obese horse, the one handled roughly or the one placed at risk from disease. It is essential when tackling the root causes of suffering and neglect to keep an open mind, as it is only through understanding the breadth and depth of the problem, and then examining why the issue has occurred in the first place, that a lasting and achievable solution can be developed.

In the modern world of internet, social media and 24-hour news, people are bombarded by information; but how do they work out whether it is reliable or not? How does the horse owner seeking advice on key aspects of horse care work out what is sound advice and what is dangerous? How do you ensure that your voice is heard in working to address equine welfare problems? Well Progressive Ideas is here to help.

Whether you are an organisation or charity focused upon improving equine welfare, or an individual seeking advice to develop your knowledge, we can help. Progressive Ideas will evaluate your needs, assess the problem you are trying to solve, and devise long-term solutions to address them.

Services offered:
  • Problem and solution assessment – what are you trying to change, why and how can this be achieved?
  • Educational and training packages offered – improve your knowledge of horse care, management and welfare
  • Research and evidence packages – build a solid case for improving horse welfare
  • Political lobbying – working to improve legislation and achieve robust enforcement
  • Policy – developing a sustainable, lasting approach to improve horse welfare
  • Supporter engagement, profile raising, events – get your message heard
  • Strategy, planning, project management and review.


With extensive experience in the equine sector, Progressive Ideas can help you with educational and training packages, campaigning, events, communications, as well as practical delivery (with or without a horse!).

If you have a problem that needs solving why not get in touch.

Services currently offered internationally.

*European Horse Network – key figures 2010.