Animal Welfare Services

Passionate about helping animals? We are. We want to help you have a positive impact upon their welfare.

Our approach:

  • We believe in implementing real solutions that will solve animal welfare problems long-term.
  • We do this through understanding the issue, asking questions and undertaking in-depth research (field, desk, scientific). We build a picture of the reasons why animals are suffering, in order to develop sustainable solutions that will address the root causes of the problem.
  • This research is utilised to underpin and present a solid case for change; which is essential for engaging support and justifying the need for welfare improvements.
  • Whether it is presenting evidence and raising awareness about a problem; developing training and educational projects; campaigning for protective legislation and robust enforcement of animal welfare laws; or, drafting policy that will provide a route for improved animal welfare; Progressive Ideas is here to help.
  • We develop strategies and plans that will provide a pathway for delivering and implementing animal welfare solutions.
  • We review and measure the impact of the work undertaken to ensure it offers the best results for animal welfare, at a price you can afford.
  • We will design a package to meet your needs. Whether you want your existing work reviewed and recommendations made for improvement, or a comprehensive project developed and implemented; we can provide a tailor made service to meet your needs.

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These services are available internationally.