Information Briefing Paper

Title of research:             NEWC Equine Industry Welfare Guidelines Compendium Survey

Research contact:          Jo White –

NEWC contact:                NEWC Office –

You are invited to take part in a review which is being conducting by Progressive Ideas on behalf of the National Equine Welfare Council (NEWC). The review will examine the views, perceptions and use of the current NEWC Equine Industry Welfare Guidelines Compendium, together with identifying future opportunities and challenges for development of a new edition.

Do I have to take part?

  • There is no obligation to take part in this review, anyone doing so will participate as a volunteer.
  • You may exit the survey at any point; however once you have submitted the survey at the point of exit it is no longer possible to withdraw any responses. Should you wish to ‘erase’ your responses please do so before submitting the survey and exiting; you can do this by back tracking through the survey.

What happens to me if I take part?

If you agree to take part you will be required to:

  • Click the agreement that you have read the privacy statement and are happy to continue.
  • So that your information can be kept confidential, they will be stored on a password protected site, using the software SurveyMonkey. Please note that to protect your data, your IP Address will NOT be stored.
  • You may be selected to undertake a one-to-one telephone/Skype/Facetime interview related to the review survey, please state whether you are happy to undertake this in your answers to the survey.

What will happen to the results of the review?

  • The results of this review will form the basis of a report that will be submitted to NEWC.

Contact for further information

Thank you for taking the time to read this sheet. We hope that you feel able to take part in the review. If you have any further questions about the study please get in touch. If you are happy to take part in the study please mark the relevant box in the survey.

This page is only available to those completing the NEWC Compendium Survey.