Campaign Action – Great Offer!

Here at Progressive Ideas we’re keen to find out about charities’ campaigning needs. You can really help us by answering three short questions. In return, we’ll help you by offering three ideas that we think would work for your campaign, completely FREE of charge and with no obligation.

We would like to know:

1. What is the goal of your campaign?
2. Who does your campaign benefit?
3. If you were granted one wish – to have practical help, advice or ideas on one area of your campaigning work – what would you choose and why?

Just tell us your answers, and we will be in touch! Please fill in your information in the table below, write: ‘Campaigns Action’ as the subject line, and answer our three questions in the message box of the form. Thank you for your contribution.

Let us know your thoughts and your details will be entered into a draw to WIN one day’s worth of free consultancy from Progressive Ideas.

Closing date – 31 August 2011.

Want to know more about how Progressive Ideas can help, why not get in touch .


Terms and conditions – the three campaigning ideas will be based upon the information on your current website, unless you supply other materials through prior agreement with Progressive Ideas. The day’s free consultancy will be planned for a date that is mutually convenient for the winning party and Progressive Ideas. This special offer is presented in good faith, Progressive Ideas disclaim all liability and responsibility arising from ideas that are presented in connection with this offer.