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Animal Welfare Services

Passionate about helping animals? We are. We want to help you have a positive impact upon their welfare. Our approach: We believe in implementing real solutions that will solve animal welfare problems long-term. We do this through understanding the issue, asking questions and undertaking in-depth research (field, desk, scientific). We build a picture of the reasons… Read more »

Horse welfare – a challenge

The horse fulfils many roles from companion to competition animal, from working horse to food. With a population of around 6 million or more horses in Europe*, the challenges of safeguarding their welfare are varied and demanding. It has frequently been said that you never stop learning about horses, and this should be the objective… Read more »

360 degree solutions

Anyone who has worked in the animal welfare sector for any length of time will recognise how difficult it is to develop lasting solutions that prevent animals from suffering. The reality in the year 2013 is that we are still dealing with needless cases of neglect and abuse in the UK, across Europe, and around… Read more »