General experience


Developed and implemented campaign strategies which have delivered real results with a tangible impact, leading to positive changes to policy, practice attitudes, behaviour and awareness. Extensive experience of campaigning in a UK and international context.

  • Evidence and research – Developed and produced comprehensive evidence packages (field, desk and scientific research) which have been submitted and utilised by experts and policy makers.
  • Politics and policy – Successfully lobbied policy and decision makers to achieve positive change.
  • Engaged support – Achieved extensive media coverage; produced comprehensive promotional materials including newsletters, leaflets and films; effectively utilised social media, film and events to engage and recruit extensive public support in the UK and across Europe.
  • Completed the first NCVO Certificate in Campaigns course, achieving the highest mark in the class.


  • Devised and implemented successful educational programmes and initiatives in the UK and internationally.
  • Developed a training programme to benefit equine welfare and the veterinary profession (skills and livelihood) within Romania.
  • Developing a training initiative to improve equine welfare skills and expertise in Poland.
  • Produced learning materials including literature, film and audio packages.
  • Taught at Further and Higher Education level on vocationally focused qualifications.
  • Provided practical instruction and training – face to face and online.


  • Developed and implemented communication strategies to achieve positive change, raise awareness and recruit support.
  • Media relations and engagement – Record of success in achieving media coverage; with a broad experience of being interviewed by press and broadcast; experience in directing and producing promotional and educational film packages.
  • Editorial and writing– Widespread experience with magazines, websites and general promotional materials.
  • Brand – Responsible for planning and managing the re-branding of World Horse Welfare from its previous name and logo (the International League for the Protection of Horses – ILPH).
  • Event management – Experienced in organising a variety of events in the UK and Europe; from political receptions, launch events, press conferences, to educational and training seminars and promotional stunts.

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