Campaigning can provide the means to deliver lasting change for many. Progressive Ideas is here to help you design and implement successful campaigns; from collecting evidence, developing solutions, presenting a solid case, getting your voice heard, engaging support, demonstrating the need for change, to achieving tangible result that make a real difference. Services include:

  • Evidence collection, evaluation of the issues and identification of the solutions (e.g. policy, awareness, practice, attitudes and behavioural change)
  • Devising and developing evidence packages
  • Stakeholder analysis
  • Campaign design, strategy development, planning, implementation and review
  • Developing and communicating the case for change
  • Campaign management and activities (e.g. events, raising awareness, attending meetings, public speaking)
  • Engagement of key stakeholders (e.g. public, civil servants, politicians, authorities, industry, media) and mobilising support for change
  • Implementing and delivering tangible outcomes and impact
  • Campaign evaluation and impact assessment.


Want to develop your campaigns team or need an extra pair of hands while recruiting? Progressive Ideas can offer training and support to ensure that your important work achieves its goals. Whether you have a new and inexperienced team that needs training and mentoring, or you need additional resources on a temporary basis, we can help.

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