Education and training

Education can shape and empower individuals and society through the exchange of knowledge, skills and values. Progressive Ideas can help you to achieve your educational objectives; offering a comprehensive range of services:


  • Strategy development and planning
  • Implementation of educational initiatives
  • The provision of training and education (practical and theory)
  • Analysis of the problems and development of solutions
  • The production of educational packages (eg training programmes, literature)
  • Evaluation and measurement of impact.


Specialist topics and expertise currently available:

  • Animals welfare continuous professional development training (e.g. working in the field, project development to achieve a positive impact, evidence collection)
  • Equine welfare and assessment
  • Equine management and care
  • Farriery and hoof care
  • Equine transport
  • Animal welfare policy development and implementation
  • Campaigning.


New training areas to be announced soon!

We can develop a bespoke package to meet your needs; from planning and implementing the educational initiative, to undertaking and delivering on specific elements.

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