IMG_6541Progressive Ideas Developing Projects -Since opening for business in 2011, Progressive Ideas has undertaken and completed some exciting projects for a variety of clients, including: The Brooke, Edinburgh University, World Horse Welfare, The Animal Welfare Foundation Redwings and NEWC.

Romanian Equine Welfare Group – Initiated by Progressive Ideas together with veterinary, farriery, equine sector and communications contacts in Romania, the group is developing a plans to improve horse and donkey welfare. Activities include the development of a Romanian equine welfare charity Asociația pentru Bunăstarea Cailor.

Animals’ Angels Animal Day 2015 – Progressive Ideas and Asociația pentru Bunăstarea Cailor joined the Animals’ Angels team to provide veterinary and farriery support at Pancotta animal market, Romania; to provide relief for the animals and information for the owners.

The Donkey Sanctuary and TAWS – Kindly provided grants to support the setting up of the first Progressive Ideas and REWG project with the goal of developing sustainable farriery training, together with horse and donkey owner education.

Edinburgh University and SRUC MSc in International Animal Welfare, Ethics and Law – Lecturer/Policy Unit Leader examining animal welfare policy and recommendations made by governments and other groups, including how economics affects animal welfare.

World Horse Welfare – campaign to end the long-distance transportation of horses for slaughter in Europe, including running the secretariat to develop ‘Practical Guidelines to Assess the Fitness for Transport of Equidae’ for a multi-stakeholder group.

Horses4Homes – review and strategic recommendations on a report covering the charity’s past performance and future activities, its communications work and its plans for helping more horses and owners in the future.

Animal Welfare Foundation – worked with the Farm Animal Services team in Poland (2013/14) to provide an educational training workshop covering equine welfare, farriery and management, to further enhance the great work that the charity undertakes.

Brooke Hospital for Animals – Development of a campaign strategy to positively impact on the welfare of animals transporting tourists, the future of working children and protecting the archaeological heritage of the historic site at Petra in Jordan. In October 2014 the “Care for Petra Responsible Tourism Campaign” was launched.

Redwings Horse Sanctuary – designed, developed and facilitated a staff workshop on  campaigning, utilising the findings to prepare a report to assist the charity in taking the first steps towards running campaigns.

National Equine Welfare Council – In 2011 to 2012 Progressive Ideas worked with NEWC to develop a new website. The site was specially designed to enable NEWC to manage it themselves so they could communicate efficiently and effectively with those caring and involved with horses, ponies, donkeys and mules.

Long-distance transportation to slaughter Jo White has led World Horse Welfare’s campaign to end the long-distance transportation of horses for slaughter in Europe for the last decade. She has achieved a number of notable successes in working to stop this cruel and unnecessary practice. Case study – click here to read more.

Project Romania – Jo first travelled to Romania for World Horse Welfare in 2004, to follow-up on information sent to the charity regarding concerns about horse welfare within the country. It was clear from these early investigative visits, that not only the horses of Romania needed help, but also those people and organisations responsible for their health and welfare. Case study – click here to read more.

Keeping Your Horse Healthy – The increased movement of horses has brought with it a growing threat from the spread of infectious disease. Evidence collected by Jo and colleagues at World Horse Welfare, have shown that horses with symptoms of contagious disease are regularly moved across many European countries, placing the wider population of horses under serious threat. Case study – click here to read more.

MEP’s Back Campaign – On 25th February 2010, 405 MEPs from all 27 Member States, signed in support of Written Declaration 54/2009, calling for an end to the single biggest abuse of horses in Europe.  An historic success for the campaign to end the long-distance transportation of horses for slaughter in Europe; over half of all MEP’s, called for a review of the legislation. Case study – click here to read more.

Animal Welfare Legislation and Policy – Jo has been directly involved in coordinating World Horse Welfare’s work on animal welfare legislation and policy. This has included work on UK Animal Welfare legislation, Codes of Practice and guidance, and EU welfare consultations; ensuring that the needs of the horse in relation to their health and welfare are met.

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